Now exclusively offering In-Home health care for the St.Louis area.

Enhanced Performance Chiropractic LLC is a new style of chiropractic care. We have found that with busy schedules it is hard for our patients to make time to be treated, so we have decided to branch out into a new endeavor. By adapting a concierge style of care, the chiropractor will now be able to come to you. Wether it is at the office or at home, Dr. Mischel will be able to schedule a time to meet with you and treat you without you having to  leave. We require an open area of at least 7’x3′ for treatment. Typical visits will last anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes in length. For at work visits, authorization for the chiropractor to be on the premises should be obtained prior to the visit.  

The chiropractor, Dr. John Mischel, is a recent graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic. His goal is to use conservative treatment for the infants, the elderly, and everything in between. While in school, his focus shifted towards treatment of athletic injuries, which drove him to start towards his Master of Science in Sports Science and Rehabilitation.

Having finished all the course work, he started an internship where he would learn valuable information on how to treat patients and operate an office. After he completed all the requirements for his internship, Dr. Mischel decided it was time to start working and helping people on their road to wellness. His goal is to take what he had learned about rehabilitation of the athlete and apply it to everyday problems which the average person encounters such as pain in the low back, neck, sciatica, shoulder, ankle, wrist, and knee. He also helps with headaches, allergies, heartburn, indigestion, and many other problems. It is his belief that through chiropractic care and proper exercise, he will be able to further improve the health of the patients in order for them to meet and surpass all their health goals.

Enhanced Performance Chiropractic


Dr. Mischel is a St. Louis native, who grew up in Fenton, which is part of the South County area. He attended Southeast Missouri State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology in the spring of 2011. When not at work, Dr.Mischel enjoys the outdoors. Having earned his Eagle Scout award in 2007, Dr. Mischel has continued with his love of camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, and float trips on many of the rivers this great state has to offer.

His chiropractic experience involves being a member of the Logan Sports Council which allowed him to work with and treat professional fighters, junior olympians, collegiate athletes, and even helped teach a seminar at the ProSports Chiropractic conference in 2013. Before graduating from Logan, he spent a year working at the Southfield Health Clinic in South County. While there Dr. Mischel treated a range of patients from the ages of 12 years up to 90, all suffering from a variety of complaints. Additionally, Dr. Mischel spent time at the Harris Stowe University campus treating the student athletes.

Dr. Mischel looks forward to the opportunity to work with the St. Louis community as well as people from the surrounding areas.